Fashion / Illustration

In Vogue

I find it quite hard to believe that Vogue has been around since early 1900 – maybe even earlier than that! We have come along way since 1900 and so has Vogue, it’s now an international super brand and a maintains a distinguished reputation for delivering us up to date style information..

For Christmas I was given this beautiful book of Vogue Covers from my Auntie and Uncle and their lovely family.. It is full of covers from throughout the decades. Each time I look through I choose a different favourite…


I have selected a few illustrated covers to show you, I particularly love the illustrations dating back to 1910 and the 20’s. I think these are in fact my favourites, but I would never be able to pick an ultimate favourite!



I wish that illustration was still as important today as it was back then. Don’t get me wrong I do love a good fashion shoot but there is something even more special about an illustrated cover..


The image below of the lady peacock I also have printed on a mirror which my sister bought me as a gift back when we were in our teens. What a thoughtful gift, it always reminds me of her. ๐Ÿ™‚



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