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Art: Rain Room

The Rain Room is a free Art installation created by Random International which is currently being held at the Barbican Centre, London until Sunday 3rd March 2013.

I had been intrigued to go and check this out ever since it opened, I had been down once before now only to be met by a huge queue of visitors, but this weekend I was not deterred and stuck out the two hour queue to see what all the fuss is about..

As you make your way down into the curved exhibition space you are first met by the sound and smell of the rain, then you start to see silhouettes of other people as you approach…

Standing before the wall of water as you prepare to enter the grid the rain is quite mesmerizing. The lighting has been set up effectively so you are able to see each and every droplet of rain in front of you..

On entering the grid everyone’s reactions are different as they learn to trust the sensors and navigate their way through the falling water without getting wet. It’s here that you get to experience power over the rain. Standing alone in your dry spot surrounded by a downpour you feel safe and protected…

Definitely something worth experiencing in my opinion, it is simple but effective and not very often that you actually get to be a part of an exhibition.. Check it out if you can.


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