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Nail Art: Leopard Skin

I always thought Leopard Nails would be sooo hard but they aren’t really difficult to create, I would say medium difficulty! You will need a certain degree of patience of course but all it is really is a lot of well placed blobs!

Here’s how you can do it too:

1. Choose two colours, I have chosen gold and a pale purple/nude.

2. Paint on two coats of one of your chosen colours.

3. Take the other colour and carefully put about three to four small blobs onto each nail, spaced out evenly.

4. Then the trickiest bit.. Take a black nail art varnish (with a thin brush) and draw two rough C shapes around each side of the blobs. These look better if they are different sizes and try not to join them up!

5. If there are a few big spaces left on the nails after step 4 just add in a few tiny extra blobs of black.

(TOP TIP: When I first learnt how to do this I used a black felt eyeliner pen, which is much easier to control. If you’re struggling try this out first too)

6. Finish off with a top coat of Seche Vite and there you go, leopard nails!


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