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DIY: Gallery Wall

I set off to travel Asia back in November 2010 and ever since I came home I’ve been meaning to print and display some of my photographs in a gallery wall style, using lots of different sized frames.

This month I finally did it! It’s taken me two years to sieve though and choose my favourite photographs, clean them up in Photoshop and print them ready to go on the wall…

Above is the blank space I had in mind for my gallery, I only have a teeny tiny studio flat and this space is in the “kitchen”.

I have been collecting different sized frames over the past couple of months, I wanted to keep it fairly simple because I don’t have a huge space, so I have only used black and white frames. I tried to avoid the jumble sale look!

Once I’d selected which images I wanted in each frame I lay my gallery out onto the floor to test it out before I started hammering into the walls!

Then I hung all the frames once I was happy with my layout.

There are so many different ways you can make a gallery wall work for your home. The more space you have the better, and the more creative you can be. The great thing about a gallery wall is you can keep adding too it if you find another nice frame..

It feels so good to finally have these memories up on the wall. It’s hard to believe I was there more than two years ago! Here are a few close-ups of the photos I’ve chosen..



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