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Forward Stitching

I must admit I am a total Pinterest addict! It’s a great place to inspire and be inspired. I love having a place to collect my imagery and I am all about visuals! I have found so much amazing talent on Pinterest since I joined, I thought I would share some here with you on my blog..

First up is Fashion Illustrator Izziyana Suhaimi who combines three of my favourite things, Fashion, Illustration and craft to create these beautiful fashion illustrations..

Izziyana is aspires to bring to together tradition and popular culture and that is exactly what her work does. The craft embroidery is brought bang up to date and provides the perfect platform to transform her drawings into stunning fashion illustrations.

The embroidery techniques used here perfectly introduce colour and texture onto the page, something I am always afraid of doing once I’ve finished my pencil drawings! I love collage and this has inspired me to add some extra’s onto my drawings. I will keep you posted on how it works out!


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