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DIY: Easy Fingerless Gloves

I’ve done some knitting again! This time I have used some left over chunky wool that I got free from a freecycle give away last year. It was touch and go whether I would have enough for two hands but I just about made it!

These are so simple to make, you basically just knit a square and sew it together, leaving a space for a thumb hole. Here’s how you can do it too..

1. Cast on 12 stitches onto your 15mm needles. Knit one pearl one for two rows or until you have the correct length for the wrist band you would like.

2. Then knit away for 10 rows or until you have reached the desired length of your gloves, cast off so you end up with a large square.

3. Put the glove onto your hand as you would like it to sit.

4. Stitch the open side together leaving a hole where you would like your thumb to sit. Then repeat for your other hand..

And that’s it, cozy hands with the ability to still do things, the joy of fingerless gloves! I will save the mittens until the frost comes!


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