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Art: I can see a Rainbow..

David Benjamin Sherry was born in Woodstock, a place I wish I came from because it sounds so cool.. man. Sherry has a serious love of colour which can clearly be seen from his heavy saturated series of photograph’s which until recently exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London as part of the exhibition Out of Focus: Photography..

Although Sherry’s work looks like it could have been tweaked in post-production using Photoshop he actually avoids anything digital and is much more comfortable during things the old fashioned way using coloured film.

The series shown at the Saatchi Gallery was one of my favourites from the whole exhibition. They are captivating and mysterious, as you stand in front of the huge landscapes you can really feel a sense of calm. I always love to see stillness captured perfectly in a photograph..

Sherry’s most recent solo exhibition is currently being shown at Salon 94 Gallery in NY. Here Sherry takes a closer look his surroundings in his series, ‘Astral Desert’, were he somehow manages to make parts of New Mexico look like the moon! For more info on David Benjamin Sherry check out his website.

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