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DIY: Fishtale Plait

I have always known how to do your standard french plait, I practiced and practiced on my poor sister who was quite hair-sore when I was younger.. (sorry Sis!) But how do you do a fishtale!? They have always looked a bit tricky and so I have never attempted to try them until now. It turns out it’s actually quite simple so I thought I’d share with you how..

1. Start off my pulling all of your loose hair to one side. Don’t worry about it being brushed through, I think a fishtale looks better when it’s messy.

2. Split the hair into two sections.

3. Take a thin section of hair from the outer of one half, then bring it over into the middle. That section then joins the hair in the opposite half.

4. Repeat on the opposite side by once again taking a thin section of hair and bringing it over into the middle..

5.Repeat this process over and over, keeping the plait nice and tight until you reach the end..

6. Finish off your plait by tying the end and giving it a spray of hairspray to hold it in place.. Simple!

My fishtale came out quite neat so I’m going to experiment with different techniques to get them looking a bit messier..

Why don’t you give it a try? It’s not as hard as it looks!


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