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Nail Art: Green Glitter Gradient

A new week brings a new nail art! I always like to paint on some weekend nails on a Thursday to get ready for the weekend ahead. This week I have chosen a glitter gradient nail. It’s really simple to do and can be done with any colours you fancy..

1. After a quick tidy up I painted on two coats of Boots No7 Stay Perfect in ‘So Neat’. – I have had a life long debate with my Mum about what this colour is, I say blue, she says green but in the end we both usually agree on Turquoise! This one actually does look more green in the flesh!

2. To get that glitter gradient effect use a clear varnish with a fine glitter. For the first step wipe most of the varnish from the brush and paint a light coat from 3/4 of the way down the nail upwards.

3. For the next coat, do the same again but this time start a little higher up the nail.

4. Keep going like this until you get to the very tip of the nail and then you can really go for it! Cover the tips in a thick layer of glitter.

I find this one dead simple and a major plus side, with all of those layers it might even last longer than a few days!

Good Luck!




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