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Photography: The Life of a P.O.W

Samm Blake’s Project, ‘A long way back’, is a beautifully documented series of photographs relating to the story of Harold Martin.

Harold is a suviving Australian P.O.W. who worked on the ‘Death Railway’ in Burma after being captured by the Japanese in World War II. Harold is now 95 years old and he recently travelled back to Burma to visit the graves of friends.

This series of photograph’s by Samm Blake documents Harold’s story beautifully. The photograph at the very top of this post shows Harold holding up a portrait of his young self taken 72 years ago. This particular image was selected to be a finalist in the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize in August of this year, and deservedly so.

I would recommend you check out Sam Blake’s website, where you can find the whole series, ‘ A long way Back’ and Harold’s full story. This project is ongoing and I will certainly be keeping an eye out for any additions.


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