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DIY: Supa-Dupa Chunky Snood

My second knitting project is well underway, a steel blue/grey chunky snood. I have scaled down my needles slightly for this one, I’m now using 15mm which is still pretty big but have increased the thickness of my wool (I’m using King Cole Supa-Dupa Extra Chunky in Steel Blue) to make the knitting bigger and less holy!

I have cast on 30 stitches and knit a big rib stitch (Knit 2/Pearl 2) to make the snood nice and stretchy. I originally thought I would use one 200g ball but have decided to increase it to two. I wanted to make the snood really big and cosy and with two I will be able to fold the length over. Towards the end I will start to decrease the length a little before binding off so that the snood is nice and snug.

Bring on the cold, I’ll be ready for it soon!

3 thoughts on “DIY: Supa-Dupa Chunky Snood

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