Fashion / Photography / Style

Pigeons and Peacocks

I have a terrible habit of buying a magazine and just looking at the imagery. I am far more interested in visuals than descriptions but I do realise that am probably missing out on an awful lot, so I now save the reading for times such as long train journeys and baths! On a recent trip up to visit my lovely friend Kirstie in Leicester I properly read Pigeons and Peacocks, Issue 5.

This magazine sent me on a very nostalgic journey back to my University days were everything evolved around creativity and expression. It made me realise that I now have a lot of cynical views of the Fashion/Art world after I was thrown into the real world after I graduated, landing in the midst of a nasty recession! It seems a shame that I have lost a bit of my love for the industry, but this magazine has helped me to restore my faith.

I found Pigeons and Peacocks to be a very inspiring publication, with contributions from students who are proud of there BA(Hons). The underlying message encourages young creatives to fight the fight and not to give up! Good on ’em, creative poeple out there should not give up. It’s incredibly frustrating trying to get into the industry but that should not put people off or we will to loose a lot of talent!

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