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DIY: Baggy T-shirt dress

After the success of my first home made pattern I have given it another go! This time I have used more conventional fabrics to create a dressed up version of a baggy T-Shirt dress. To make this pattern I drew out the style I wanted to create onto paper at first, then measured the dimensions I needed in front of the mirror. It is such a simple pattern with a relaxed fit which allowed for any imperfections, which is great. I think it has worked out pretty well, my next step now is to be brave enough to use some of my more precious fabrics which I collected whilst I was in India.

I’m feeling a bit lost without photoshop at the moment, as I am cat sitting two lovely furry friends in Islington and I haven’t brought my ageing laptop with me! So I’m afraid this post isn’t the prettiest, but here’s a pic of me wearing my new creation!


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